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Annual Spring Notice

The core of the Weed Abatement Program is the annual spring notice. It is sent to owners of parcels that have a recurring weed problem or an anticipated weed problem in the coming months. Typically, the notice is mailed out at the beginning of March to inform property owners of the deadline for compliance (usually the second week of April).


The following are some important items of interest concerning the notice:

  • The notice is written in general terms, that is, it is not written with a specific property owner or a specific problem in mind. This is because the notice is mailed out to thousands of property owners with a variety of issues.
  • The Weed Abatement Program follows the law as stated in the California Health & Safety Code. The notice begins with the statement "Notice to Destroy Weeds" to identify the purpose of the letter. It then cites the authority for the program, the dates of compliance, the penalty for noncompliance, the requisite public hearings before the Board of Supervisors, and when and where those hearings will take place.
  • The notice also states that this is the only notification the owner of the property will receive. This refers to the compliance dates mentioned above. Any time after the April deadline, the county may enter the property and abate the hazardous condition and place a charge on the owner's tax bill. Again, this follows the law precisely to ensure that all due process is assured to the property owner.
  • The notice provides a contact phone number for property owners to call for information on the program or specific issues regarding their properties. If you would like more information, please call us at (714) 955-0111.

Below is an online representation of the Notice To Destroy Weeds:

Side A



Weed Abatement Program
ORANGE, CA 92865-2714
INFO 714.955.0111
FAX 714.921.2713

Dear Property Owner:  

In Reference:
Assessor's Parcel No.



Removal of Fire Hazards.  Orange County Public Works will be conducting its annual weed abatement inspection and cleaning after April 14, 2020 throughout the year, on the property described by the above-referenced Assessor's Parcel Number. This inspection is to ensure proper compliance with the applicable provisions set forth regarding the Abatement of Hazardous Weeds in Sections 14875 through 14922 of the California Health and Safety Code.  As owner of the above-referenced property, you are responsible for its condition and maintenance.  While your property may not be in violation of the Health and Safety Code at the time of receiving this notice, this will serve as a reminder to inspect and maintain the condition of your property throughout the year.

You are hereby notified by this letter to remove any vegetation, litter, or other flammable material (this includes dead palm fronds) from the above-mentioned property by April 14, 2020.  Property with hazardous weeds and vegetation not cleaned and maintained will be subject to cleaning by the County-contracted crews commencing after April 14, 2020.  The clearing charges for vegetation, litter, and/or other debris will include clearing charges billed per square foot and an administrative fee which can be up to $900.00, which will be added to the owner's property tax bill.  If you are no longer the owner of this property, please disclose the contents of this notice to the new owner.  A legal change in ownership prior to the removal of weeds by the County will result in any clearing charges being assessed to the new owner.

Maintaining Your Property:

  1. Regrowth of vegetation due to late rainfall may result in the property needing multiple clearings throughout the year, so the property must be maintained all year long.  Property not maintained in a safe condition will be cleared by the County without further notice.  The enclosed information will assist you in identifying hazards and provide locations of waste facilities.
  2. With fire season coming, maintaining weeds at ground level will help prevent the spread of fire.  Please call the Weed Abatement Program at (714) 955-0111 if you have unique vegetation, topographical, or weather conditions for your property.
  3. Prior to the use of a tractor, bulldozer, or backhoe to remove weeds, please contact OC Planning at (714) 667-8888 to determine if any permits are required.

For further information, you may write or call the Weed Abatement Program at the above contact information or (714) 955-0111, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Please have your Assessor’s Parcel Number ready when calling.  The Assessor’s Parcel Number can be found in the upper right corner of this letter.


Jeff Croy

Agricultural Commissioner


Side B


Notice is hereby given that on the 10th day of March 2020, the Board of Supervisors of Orange County passed a Resolution declaring that noxious or dangerous weeds were growing upon or in front of the property on certain streets (or roads) in Orange County, and more particularly described in said Resolution that these weeds constitute a public nuisance, which must be abated by removal of said noxious or dangerous weeds.  If these weeds are not removed, they will be removed and the nuisance will be abated by the County authorities, in which case the cost of such removal shall be assessed upon the lots and lands from which or in front of which such weeds are removed, and such costs will constitute a lien upon such lots or lands until paid.  NOTE: PROPERTY OWNERS WITH SPECIAL CLEANING PROBLEMS MUST CONTACT THE COUNTY WEED ABATEMENT OFFICE AT (714) 955-0111 PRIOR TO APRIL 10, 2018.  Reference is hereby made to the above-mentioned resolution for further particulars.


Public Hearings

 All property owners having any objection to the removal of such weeds are hereby notified to attend the public hearing of the Board of Supervisors on April 14, 2020 at 9:30 a.m., at the Board Hearing Room, First Floor, Hall of Administration Building, 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, County of Orange, California 92701-4017, when their objections will be heard and given due consideration.

On July 28, 2020 at 9:30 a.m., a public hearing is scheduled by the County of Orange Board of Supervisors to consider the Weed Abatement Cost Report.  This report will be posted for one week prior to the hearing.  Objections may be heard at this public hearing. 

Dated this 10th day of March 2020                        


Jeff Croy

Agricultural Commissioner